Friday, 6 September 2013

Institution and Audience

Institution and Audience

Recently I went to the cinema to see some of the latest films. This included ‘Oblivion’, ‘Monsters University’ and ‘Despicable Me 2’.


I went to go and see Oblivion as the trailer looked very interesting and also it’s a science fiction film, and I enjoy watching that genre.

Other factors which contributed with me wanting to go and see it was the trailer. The trailer was exciting and action-packed and looked exciting. It included a variety of strange scenes which drew my attention.
Another factor would be the actors. Well known actors including Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman played major roles in the film and I was intrigued to see their roles in it.
I enjoyed the film due to it's genre and the action put into it. Although it wasn't realistic and straightforward, it had a good plot.
The factors which impacted on my enjoyment was the thrill. It had speechless moments and had me in shock.
To conclude, Oblivion was worth watching as the actors were great, the scenes were realistic, and it lived up to my expectation.

Monsters University

I went to go and see Monsters University as I enjoyed the first one and I wanted to see if it was at the same standard as the first one.

Other factors which contributed to me wanting to go and see it was the characters. In the previous one the characters were funny and I enjoy comedy, so I wanted to see if they still included comedy into it.
I enjoyed the film as it was suitable for people who like to laugh (which is most people) and people who enjoy a plot twist.
The factors which impacted on my enjoyment was the added characters which weren't in the previous film. The producers made them look funny and sound funny too.
Overall Monsters University was a great film as it brings families together as it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Despicable Me 2

I went to go and see Despicable Me 2 at the cinema because I enjoyed the first one and wanted to see the second one too.

Other factors which contributed to me wanting to go and see it was again the characters. They're funny and are all different which adds to the creativity of the film. 
I enjoyed the film as it was much like Monsters University; the plot and characters were different but I enjoyed the humor of it. 
The factors which impacted on my enjoyment were the characters voices. A lot of them were high pitched or had accent's which made them funny. They also gave the characters weird features, for example, Gru the main character had a pointy nose and a strange accent; and the minions were yellow, small and all had big eyes.
Overall in Despicable Me 2 there was never a boring moment, so was highly entertaining for everyone watching. The film approaches all ages as families can watch it together.

5 Media Areas

Five Bands

Mystery Jets - The band plays a variety of music, mainly indie music, and can be appealing to anyone.
Arctic Monkeys - The band is indie rock and is well known and I enjoy their catchy lyrics.
Two Door Cinema Club - They're indie music, however they are different and there lyrics are positive and creates a good mood.
The Vaccines - They're strange and quirky and produce a variety of music.
The 1975 - The lyrics are quite funny and are very catchy.

Five Songs

Baby I'm Yours - Breakbot - The song makes it feel like summer when you listen to it and they have an interesting name.
Fashion Killa - A$AP Rocky - The lyrics are catchy and it feels summery when you listen to it.
Sweet Life - Frank Ocean - This song puts you in a good mood.
Black Treacle - Arctic Monkeys - The song is unusual and it has strange lyrics.
On the Run (Part II) - Jay Z and Beyonce - The song has a variety of singing and rapping in it so it's not boring and that's what makes you want to carry on listening.

Five Films

Safe House - Great action film and quite different. 
Pretty Woman - Typical love story but a classic.
50 First Dates - Although it's a love story it's very funny and Adam Sandler is great.
Seven Pounds - Get's me every time.
Monsters Inc. - Classic, perfect for all the family.

Five TV Shows

Hollyoaks - Better than any other soap. More for a younger audience rather than older. Always contains great story lines.
Two and a Half Men - Full of comedy, great characters from a drunken ladies man and his brother living with him.
Four Weddings - Funny to watch four brides fight over a holiday which is paid for.
Friends - Absolute classic, never gets old, sorry funny, like everyday life filmed for our entertainment.
Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model - Interesting to watch regular people turn into models by well known judges

Five Websites

Twitter - Use it to catch up with friends or tell everyone what you're up to.
Instagram - Encourages you to upload photo's and people can view and like them. 
Vine - 6 second clips people make which are hilarious.
Facebook - Good to catch up with friends and family.
Ebay - Love a good bargin. 

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