Thursday, 5 September 2013

Representation in TV Drama or Soap Opera

TV Drama/Soap: Soap

Genre of Soap: Everyday Drama (life)

Actor/Actress’ Name: Emmet J. Scanlan

Character’s Name: Brendan Brady

Age of Actor: 34

Age of Character: Mid 30’s

Ethnicity: Irish

Regional Identity: Anglo-Irish

Costume usually includes: Handle-bar moustache, a suit and a collared shirt (usually unbuttoned at the top).

Sum up lifestyle in 5 words: Fascinating, Weird, dangerous, misunderstood, complicated.

Friends include: Cheryl Brady, Ste.

Interests: Ste, money and seeking revenge on his father.

Motivation in most situations: People make false accusations of him which makes him angry and do bad things.

Love life: Great interest in ex-partner Ste.

Problems in life: His past (murdering people) and his father (who abused him).

Key moment in drama series/soap: When he admitted to murders he had done and got sent to prison.

Prediction for future narratives (storylines): To return and become a better/liked person and make things right with his ex-partner Ste.

How is the audience supposed to react to him: The audience is supposed to be angry with the character as he has killed people in the past. Also, they may feel sympathetic towards him as he has had a rough upbringing with his father abusing him.

Scene: Ste’s apartment

Brendan: (approaches the front door and knocks on it)

Ste: (Ste opens the door, shocked) Brendan? What are you doing here?

Brendan: I’ve been released early on good behaviour. Can I come in?

Ste: Yeah. (Let’s Brendan in)

Brendan: So, how have you been- (Notices Ste’s father, who he’s never seen in Hollyoaks before, sat on the sofa) Danny?

Ste: Dad, this is an old friend, Brendan this is-

Danny: (He stands up uncomfortably and confused) Brendan?

Ste: (confused) Wait you two know each other? How?


Brendan: We used to be friends-

Danny: We used to be together.

Ste: What?


Brendan Brady
Mid 30’s
Moustache, suit with unbuttoned shirt at top of collar.
Angry, mysterious looking.
Ste Hay
Early 20’s
Chavvy, always wearing trainers and tracksuits.
Can be angry and depressed at times.

Danny Lomax
Early 40’s
Casual, shirt and jeans, well groomed.
Flirtatious, confident, thoughtful and charming. 

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