Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Representation Of My Age And Gender

Misfit's Nathan Young Immortality Scene

This whole scene revolves around teenagers doing community service as a punishment for doing something bad in public life. 
The clip relates to my age, gender and race as we are all similar. The genders of us both relate as some of the characters in the clip are female. By using both male and female ganders allows the programme to appeal to a wider range audience. The female and male roles could perhaps represent that they are stereotypical teenagers.
The races of the characters vary. However, one of the characters is a teenage white girl. This actress was chosen to represent a teenage chav, maybe implying that a lot of teenagers in England are seen by the public eye this way. Her slick back hair, big jewelry, heavy makeup and lazy accent implies this.
Many teenagers in the UK are stereotyped by older ages as cocky, chavvy and they are all negative. Although this is a wrong interpretation, it allows the audience to know this is a programme about teenagers. The cockiness of the main character in the clip could highlight teenagers' behavior towards older ages. The idea of including different races and genders in the clip could portray that the creator wanted the audience to know that every teenager is different and not to judge them. The characters are wearing matching orange jumpsuits. This could imply that they are not seen by the public as individuals. The idea that the characters are doing community service too highlights that they are stereotyped characters and that's the way we are seen by older ages. 
Howard Overman was the creator of 'Misfits'. He read up about ASBO teenagers and was inspired. This could have been one of the ideas to why he created a 'uniquely British' drama. The creator understood that being a teenager is a challenging time, therefore he could relate to the characters. All of these links helped portray the stereotypical characters and fantastic drama.

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