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Stereotypes of a Chav

The appearance of a chav would include greasy, slick-back hair, large jewellery e.g. gold round hoop earrings (for girls), gym like clothing such as tracksuits, trainers and a hoodie. The greasy hair enforces that chav's are unhygienic. The large jewellery emphasises that it might be a call for attention as large jewellery is eye-catching. The tracksuits and trainers enforce that chav's perhaps do not have a good fashion sense and lastly the hoodie could emphasise that they are unsociable.

Behaviour and attitude
Chav's are represented to be opinionated, have a lack of common sense, lazy through speech and actions, dysfunctional, foul mouthed and violent.
Chav's are represented to be opinionated as they cause a lot of problems in society due to their rudeness. 
Chav's are represented to have a lack of common sense because they tend to do wrong things in society. Some examples would be underage drinking, underage smoking, having children at a young age and taking drugs. 
Chav's are seen to be lazy through their speech and actions. Their speech comes across lazy and slurred; they shorten words in order to save them time e.g. Instead of 'home' they say 'ome'. Their actions come across lazy because they cannot be bothered to do things such as get a job and go to school.
'Dysfunctional' would be another word to describe them. This is because they seem to all come from bad backgrounds e.g. Lost a family member or their family members are in prison or they live in a children's home etc. 
Chav's are seen to be foul mouthed as they are rude in society.
Lastly, chav's are seen to be violent because they also cause problems in society e.g. Cause issues in the workplace. 

List of characters who are chav's
Vicki Pollard (Little Britain)
Lauren Cooper (The Catherine Tate Show)
Frank (Shameless)
Cook (Skins)
Kelly (Misfits)
Bianca (EastEnders)
Ste Haye (Hollyoaks)

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